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At Ricky’s Recipes


Welcome to Ricky’s Recipes! My name is Claudia. I am a storyteller, looking for a captive audience.😉 My lifelong friend Ricky and I thought it might be fun to pass along things we have learned about cooking family dinners. We are home cooks. We have been making dinner, for a long time and we are sharing some of our everyday dinners.

We try our best to provide all the information you need to make our very basic recipes, with instructions and pictures especially tailored for those who are kitchen challenged. We are building a library of discussions to give practical information on topics relating to cooking dinners. Maybe we are reaching for the stars, but we hope to help you enjoy the experience of making dinner. That’s something we are good at. We enjoy the process of shopping for wholesome ingredients, preparing them, making them into a meal, and then sitting down to enjoy our homemade dinner. We definitely like that part!

Our recipes don’t require fancy ingredients or equipment. Our goal is to help you make dinner, with simple recipes using fresh vegetables and other wholesome everyday ingredients; food you can feel good about serving and eating. There is something satisfying about serving a homemade dinner to those you care about.

Take-out and half real foods are expensive, and deprive us of so much. Eating on the run isn’t healthy for anyone. Family dinners provide so much more than sustenance. The smell of dinner wafting from the kitchen. A chance to break from the routines of the day. Looking into the eyes of your loved ones. Sharing thoughts. Making memories. Laughter.

Thanks so much for stopping by. We hope you stay with us a while!

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  1. I can definitely say that Rick makes amazing food and taught me how to make wholesome meals when I was 11 or 12 years old. Now if at 11 or 12 years old I could make those meals, anyone can! So, if you also have children ready to start cooking, they will be great assistants!

    1. Great point! If you don’t want to cook, make sure your kids know how :). But no kidding, we each have grandchildren that have grown up assisting us to cook. Great bonding experience. And you are absolutely right. These recipes are very easy to put together. No fancy equipment, techniques or ingredients.

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