Snap Pea Pods vs Snow Pea Pods

You will find that most of Ricky’s recipes call for SNOW pea pods rather than SNAP pea pods. The first time I went shopping to make one of Ricky’s recipes myself, and saw there were two different kinds, I was stumped. I had eaten the dinner recipe at Ricky’s, but didn’t pay any attention to the details of what the pea pods looked like. Who knew? 🤔 Well, you will.

SNAP PEAS (sugar snap peas) on the left are fat, round and can be easily spit open by hand to reveal formed peas inside. The shell is pretty sturdy. They take longer to cook.

SNOW PEAS on the right are flat. Although you can see the beginnings of peas forming in the pod, they are not really separate from the pod. You cannot split them open by hand and it would be time consuming to try to open them with a knife. As you might be able to tell, they are almost translucent due to how thin they are. They cook much quicker than snap peas.

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